Principles, restrictions for kid-protection chairs

Every year, 1,000 children in cars with child seatbelts. And are sad. In 2016, 1,000 serious workplace accidents, the country, Freeway and Safety, reported on children who had left and on the road. They learned that few children died in accidents in the day knowing who placed the seatbelt will likely properly prevent youngsters. In the region, Jefferson County, Arizona has a wide variety of child victims of accident-related accidents around their age group who were neither children nor a seatbelt.

Checking the booster seat protection. The Arizona General Public Safety Division and the Arizona Department of Transportation, in conjunction with Rules, regulations for Philpott Honda, are conducting the booster seat protection check at 12:00. Mirielle at 12 sec. Mirielle, April 6, Arizona DPS Sgt. Stephanie Davis mentioned in a dump. The case will probably be at dealership Philpott Ford at 1400 US 69 in Nederland. Certified child safety professionals are probably checking to make sure booster seats age properly and correctly. Some parents and caregivers prematurely Booster Seat car seat at carseat place booster seats on young children. This could result in serious injury or death each time they were in an accident. Sgt. Davis mentioned that anyone could make an appointment with her to have their booster seat checked and exchanged or damaged chairs. Anyone using a booster seat at no charge for a 4-8 year old. old must also talk to Davis to join. The registration deadline is Friday, March 28th. For more information or to register, call Sergeant Stephanie Davis at 409 924-5453. . Car seat safety p>

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